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  • Free, local towing.
  • Fast pickup. Within 24 - 48 hours.
  • Tax deductible. Email & paper receipts.
  • Simple online donation form.
  • No paperwork for you.
  • Free Grocery Savings voucher. DETAILS

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How Does It Work?
It's only 3 short steps.
TAKE 90 Seconds:
To Fill Out A Form  
Submit your car's info online via a simple form, or call 1-855-932-8735  
Within 24 Hours:
Arrange A Free Pickup
We'll call you within 24 hours
to arrange a free pick up time.
You Are Done!
Receive Your Tax Receipt
You'll receive a 100% tax deductible receipt & a Grocery Savings voucher.
Things You Should Know...
A few quick pointers to answer the most frequently asked questions.
  • We accept all cars, rv's, (just about any type of vehicle) in any condition, running or not.
  • We are the car donation experts, but not just experts - We are also donors..
  • Our network of professional towers operate nationwide.
  • Questions? Donation specialists can be reached between 9am - 10pm EST via email, chat, or at 1-855-932-8735.
How your car Helps cure Kids?

You will help children with disabilities
including Cerebral Palsy, Down's syndrome, and Autism.
We strive to improve their quality of
life and offer hope for tomorrow to
these special needs children through
clinical research . We provide therapeutic support and professional services. We can turn a disability into ability by putting smiles on the faces
of these children.

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